Dermarolling 101

So one of the best things you can do for your skin is micro-needling. It’s a process where they take a tiny little face roller with spikes and roll it over your face. It sounds super weird and painful (which it is but it’s not that bad though), but the purpose is to make tiny wounds in the skin so that when it heals you have fresher newer skin. It mainly helps with wrinkles and hyperpigmentation which is what I use it for. The best part is that it’s super inexpensive, you can order one of these rollers off amazon for like 12$! Keep in mind that I would stray away from it if you have any active acne on your face. This is just going to irritate it and spread the acne bacterias. But if it’s just for dark marks definitely go for it!

So the whole kit looks like this. You need rubbing alcohol and a bowl to soak the roller before you use it. You MUST do this or else you’re just spreading old bacteria all over your face.



Then you have to clean your face really well, it’s recommended that you use rubbing alcohol with a cotton pad all over your face. It dries it out but I’d rather do that than risk getting pimples!


The next part is to start rolling! There are different levels of spikes that you can use, I think it goes 0.7mm, 0.5mm, and 1mm spikes. I use the 1mm roller because it gets deeper and you get better results. It hurts more but it’s so worth. The technique is to roll up and down one section of the face and then again horizontally. I do one cheek at a time and then the forehead. I don’t do near my eyes or lips or anything because I don’t have to worry about wrinkles there just quite yet.


And then afterwards your face looks like a tomato. It doesn’t last all that long but you still look silly af!



And after that you just continue on with your regular skincare routine! You need to do this every few weeks and keep up with it to see results, but I think it’s been really working for me!

New Skincare Goodies – Sarah

In the spirit of Christmas, obviously I had to treat myself to a present. I’ve been super into skincare lately and Sephora has a lot of really good value skin sets, so I couldn’t resist LOL.

My first and most favourite think I got was the Peter Thompson Roth mask sampler. These masks are so expensive on their own, and here you get 6 for less than $100! It was too good to pass up.


And the next item was an impulse buy. I bought the infamous watermelon sleeping mask that everyone has been raving about for a while. I’m interested to see if it’s as good as everyone says it is!


Keep in mind this is just a haul, but I plan to do reviews on each of these in the future!

My Current Skincare Routine – Sarah

So I can’t say that my skincare routine is all that glamorous at the moment. I used to be so much more into high end products and cool serums but as a working adult now I just don’t seem to have the time! I keep things super simple. So I’ve broken it down into a few categories.

Makeup Removers – Garnier Micellar Water: This is the only thing I will use, no wipe can ever compare to this stuff, it gets off pretty much everything! As you can see I clearly love is as it’s almost gone. However, when I do feel like using a wipe, I have these travel ones from Sephora that do the trick!

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Next category is moisturizers. My skin is so weird, it’s both oily and dry at the same time so I have a weird mixture of moisturizers that I need to use.

The Neutrogena one is for my oily areas, the Dr. Jart cream is for my cheeks because they get super red and this one is supposed to help with redness. The Cetaphil is for when my skin just can’t figure its shit out and is flaking everywhere. It really does help the driest of skin. And finally, I use La Roche Posay eye creme. Yes I know it’s expensive but it’s what my parents have always used and I’m a creature of habit!

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The next category is for acne products, because unfortunately I was cursed with terrible genes. My fave face wash for acne is the the Biore charcoal face wash. I just love the tingly feeling it gives me, it makes me feel like it’s really getting a deep clean. Of course I use the Mario Badescu drying lotion just like every other girl in the world. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a holy grail, but it’s just fun to put on and take silly pictures πŸ˜› Next in line is tea tree oil. This has been an herbal remedy for skin problems for ages, and plus I just love the way it smells and it can’t really do any harm! And finally, my dermatologist has prescribed me Retin-A. It essentially helps cell turnover to help get rid of acne and dark marks quicker when used over a long period of time. I just need to be better at being more consistent with it!

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The next section of my collection is the toners. I love Pixi products, the glow mist smells so good and makes my skin feel so hydrated. The only problem is it’s oil based and I can’t use it all the time because I get eyelash extensions and oil based products make them fall out faster. So in those times I gravitate to the glow tonic or the lush tea tree water. I know tea tree is still oil I just try to cover my eyelids when I use it LOL.

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My favourite part of skincare is the face masks. I’m not made of money (yet) and so I gravitate towards more affordable masks, like the L’oreal Clay masks. But just because they’re inexpensive, does not mean they don’t work. These things work wonders!! I love every single one and each colour helps with a different skin condition. I forget what each does now but it’s all available on the L’oreal website. Confessions of a lazy blogger LOL.

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And that’s what I currently use on my face! I do other treatments like dermarolling and such but I think I want to do a separate post for that. So bye for now πŸ˜‰

My Christmas Room Tour – Sarah

So I know I said I was going to do a fall to winter transition for my room decor… but life got in the way and that did not happen LOL. But at least I get a chance to show you my Christmas decorations! Plus a mini room tour. (P.S. all these photos were taken pre-DSLR so I know the photos are shitty, but what can ya do).

So this is what you see when you first walk in.



To the left of the you will see my makeup station and shelving system.


And here is a closer look at my makeup station, I’ll probably end up doing a more detailed makeup collection later on. (I know it could use some organizing LOL)



Next is the bedding, which I got from Anthropologie. They have the cutest bedding and housing accessories there I can’t deal.


The next section of my room might be my favourite of them all, I call it my Zen area. First of all the drawers are amazingly cute (from Pier 1) and this is where I keep all my calming essential oils. My favourite brand to get them is from sage.


And here is where all the Christmas Goodies come in.



Next is the bathroom, this is less exciting and not Christmasy at all, but I may as well show y’all!


And I think it’s worth showing you some of my favourite bath bombs and skincare items, but don’t you worry, a more detailed skincare routine is still to come!


And that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed reading πŸ˜‰

Introduction – Sarah

Hey friends! My name is Sarah and welcome to my blog. I have a passion for beauty, fashion, skincare and I’m out here just trying to live my best life. I’ve always had a passion for writing and creating content, but to be honest, I’ve always been a little insecure about what people would think of me! Now that I’m older and wiser, I just say who effing cares! Follow your dreams and do what you love regardless of what people think, so here I am, starting my journey. I hope to see y’all along for the ride πŸ˜‰


Our Journey Begins

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