Dermarolling 101

So one of the best things you can do for your skin is micro-needling. It’s a process where they take a tiny little face roller with spikes and roll it over your face. It sounds super weird and painful (which it is but it’s not that bad though), but the purpose is to make tiny wounds in the skin so that when it heals you have fresher newer skin. It mainly helps with wrinkles and hyperpigmentation which is what I use it for. The best part is that it’s super inexpensive, you can order one of these rollers off amazon for like 12$! Keep in mind that I would stray away from it if you have any active acne on your face. This is just going to irritate it and spread the acne bacterias. But if it’s just for dark marks definitely go for it!

So the whole kit looks like this. You need rubbing alcohol and a bowl to soak the roller before you use it. You MUST do this or else you’re just spreading old bacteria all over your face.



Then you have to clean your face really well, it’s recommended that you use rubbing alcohol with a cotton pad all over your face. It dries it out but I’d rather do that than risk getting pimples!


The next part is to start rolling! There are different levels of spikes that you can use, I think it goes 0.7mm, 0.5mm, and 1mm spikes. I use the 1mm roller because it gets deeper and you get better results. It hurts more but it’s so worth. The technique is to roll up and down one section of the face and then again horizontally. I do one cheek at a time and then the forehead. I don’t do near my eyes or lips or anything because I don’t have to worry about wrinkles there just quite yet.


And then afterwards your face looks like a tomato. It doesn’t last all that long but you still look silly af!



And after that you just continue on with your regular skincare routine! You need to do this every few weeks and keep up with it to see results, but I think it’s been really working for me!