Meet CarrieJ – Our Newest Blogger

Hi, my name is CarrieJ and I am the lover of all things beautiful, and that includes you, because I already know you are a beautiful soul! That is why you are reading this blog!

Have you ever wondered where does the big beautiful blue-sky ends? I mean, it must end somewhere. That’s the kind of crazy stuff I like to think about sometimes. But seriously, why should beautiful things have to end?! We at Live Life in the Floral Lane, are committed to all things beautiful. Beautiful baskets of poinsettia, beautiful gardens of tulips, or the first bunches of roses we find in the shop for Mother’s Day. Not to mention the endless fashion and beauty tips offered on this blog. Why should it have to end?! That’s why photographs are important.

Photography represent a frozen frame on the continuum of time. A beautiful time that will never end.

This week I bought my first flower basket. It smells refreshing! I decided to snap a photo because when Winter comes, I never ever want to forget that flowers bloom in Spring. I guess that’s metaphorical too. We have these awesome days that we just never ever want to end. Times when the very clock’s ticking into the next second is a dread, why should it end?!

When I got married, it was one of those awesome days. I wanted the honeymoon to last forever. It was a beautiful day! Leading up to that day, being just graduated from University, I was trying to minimize on cost and nearly chopped the photography budget in half, but for a wise old lady who cautioned me. She said days like these only come around once (I hope!), so enjoy it but also snap it into eternity! Then you look back on that photograph and think, I remember that beautiful day.

For this Spring, here’s to lots of beautiful days and lots of photographs.

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