Milk Makeup KUSH Growhouse™ Lash + Brow Serum Review

A few months ago I decided to stop getting lash extensions done all the time. This was mainly due to financial reasons not because I don’t love them 😛

But ever since I stopped, my lashes have have looked so short and stubby and something needed to be done. I’ve used lash serums in the past (I used to use the ‘Eye Envy’ brand) so I knew they worked but I wanted to try something new *and less expensive LOL. This serum is around $65.00 CAD give or take.


Milk Makeup came out with their own version of a lash and brow growth serum called the ‘KUSH Growhouse™ Lash + Brow Serum’. It has cannabis extracts in it, so it’s definitely hopping on the cannabis train in terms of skincare (so many products these days say they use cannabis as a marketing strategy ever since it became legal). It’s unclear whether cannabis extracts actually do anything for your skin or if it’s just a marketing tool, but it still worked on me haha.

I’ve been using this serum for a little over a month now, both morning and night if I can remember. And I have to say that this shit WORKS! It’s a little on the thicker side in terms of consistency but it doesn’t burn my eyes like other lash serums have in the past! I’ve noticed a significant growth in just one month, and even my boyfriend has noticed without me having to say anything! So if a straight male has noticed the difference, clearly it’s working LOL.


This stuff has saved my lashes and I really recommend it as a less expensive alternative to other lash serums, because it works just the same!

That’s all I have for now 🙂



All About Eyelash Extensions

I’ve been getting my lashes done consistently for a little over a year now, and I wanna tell you guys all about it. So first of all they look AMAZING (when done well) and I just feel so much more confident with a set of lashes. So the upside is that you wake up looking like  a VS model every morning, but they definitely do have their downsides.

For instance, they’re kinda annoying af. Like you are very limited in what you can do in just your everyday life just like washing your face, itching your eyes, and you can’t use any oil based skincare products because the oils loosen up the glue and it makes them fall out faster. Not to mention when they start to fall out, you kinda look like a crazy person if you don’t refill fast enough. So I try to go about every 4-6 weeks depending on how long they look good for.

I’ll insert some photos of my lashes at their peak LOL.




I go to Natural Scents Medical Spa near Yonge and Sheppard because they do amazing work and their prices cannot be beat! I paid 70$ plus tax for a full volume set. Like these prices are unheard of and you should totally check them out at

Chow for now 🙂