My Lash Lift Experience!

I used to be all about that lash extension life, but I’ve noticed that they really do cause damage to your natural lashes. So many technicians out there say that this doesn’t happen when you use the right technique or some say that they just appear smaller because you’re so used to seeing them so long. Both of these are lies because even the most experienced technician who has been doing it for over 10 years admits that there will almost always be at least a bit of temporary damage. It’s nothing that a lash serum can’t fix but the temporary damage is definitely still annoying and it takes about 2 months for my lashes to grow back to their full extent afterwards. Since I’ve been trying to do modelling on a more professional level lately, I think going with a natural look is better for the industry anyways, so I thought I would try a lash lift instead while I let my lashes grow back.

Whenever I try something new I always love to share my experience to see if can educate anyone else! So here it is, my first lash lift experience.

My friend referred my to this girl on instagram who does lashes out of her house part-time. She’s based in Etobicoke (West-End Toronto for anyone who isn’t familiar), and her prices are pretty decent. She is @xonikibeauty on instagram if you want to check out her work!

A lash lift is basically like a perm for your head hair but you would do it on your lashes. It’s a multi-step process. First, they put on the under eye gel pad to make everything comfortable, then she took my lashes and temporarily glued them on to a board on the top part of my eye, between my lashes and my eyelid. This board is what gives it that upward curl look. Once they are glued to that curved board (making sure they are all evenly separated, it’s time to apply the perming solution. I’m not exactly what it is that they use, but they put some sort of solution on the lashes glued to the board, wait for it to set for 15 minutes, and then wipe it off and repeat that step twice. Once you have permed it and let it set for 30 minutes (two 15 minute cycles) it’s time to apply an oil solution to remove the glue and separate your lashes from the board on your eyelid. Once the board is removed, the lashes should be perfectly curled upward into place.


You’re not allowed to wet your lashes for 24 hours afterwards (same with extensions) and your eyelids are left feeling kind of weird after, it’s like there’s a film leftover or something. Some of the lashes are also a little clumped together right afterwards, but once you are able to wash your face all of these feelings should subside, and the lashes will look as they should.


The lift should last about 6 weeks, and I didn’t get a tint along with it because my lashes are naturally dark anyways. My technician actually recommends against getting a tint in the same day as the lift, because adding the tint makes it last not as long. If you think about it, if we’re not allowed to get it wet with water in the first 24 hours, why would ink be okay? It should last longer if you don’t get it with a tint, and it’s cheaper too! Most technicians don’t admit this because it’s all about getting more money for them, rather than caring about the integrity of their work.

Overall, I definitely recommend a lift as a more natural alternative to lash extensions, and it’s better because you can wear mascara with them! It’s also a much smoother comedown period, there’s no messy gaps in your lashes or lashes that refuse to curl upwards like sometimes happens with extensions. It removes a lot of the annoying things we have to do when we have extensions, so I think I’m gonna keep up with this for a while!

That’s all I have for now!