5 Breakup Songs You Need to Hear Right Now (Heartbroken or Not) – By Laila Kharouba

5. I Do- Wild Rivers

In their new single “I Do”, Toronto based folk band Wild Rivers muses on a feeling we all know too well— the realization that someone is over you when you aren’t even close. This melancholic song circles around melodically, as the heart does around memories after a breakup. Devan and Khalid’s intertwining harmonies become almost indistinguishable as they repeat the inherently romantic proclamation ‘I Do’, but with a completely different sentiment than one would expect from the song title. I’ve had this gorgeously sad song on repeat since it came out on August 9th, and you will as well.

“Seems like you’re getting on, I ain’t getting nowhere”. 

4. okay- LANY & Julia Michaels

This song is a simple and earnest retracing of a relationship’s beginning and end. Songwriting queen Julia Michaels sings an octave above Laney (“Thru These Tears”) as the song almost whispers in your ear the question we often ask ourselves and our best friends: “I’m gonna be okay, right?”. The intimacy of the two voices suggests a shared experience of heartbreak while the instrumentation rolls underneath them, pushing them both to move on, and giving the situation some hope despite the defeat made clear in the lyrics.

“Is it wrong to think you’re sadistic? I know you’re sleeping perfect while I’m over here hurting.”

3. Leaving Song- Birds of Bellwood’s

“Leaving Song” is one of the many hauntingly beautiful songs from the popular and undeniably dynamic Birds of Bellwoods. The song reflects on a selfless sending of a loved one on their way, despite a selfish desire for them to stay. Stephen Joffe’s voice has a way of piercing through your headphones and right into your heart, while his bandmate’s voices echo behind him like the words in your head that you wish you had said.

“On the surface it appears that you have always loved it here, but still I know deep inside that you must change the tide.”

2- This Is On You- Maisie Peters

Up and coming British pop-folk powerhouse Maisie Peters has a way of singing complex scenarios into simple and accessible songs. “This Is On You” is sassy (in the sweetest way possible), honest, and tragic. The song is a recognition of what we deserve, and what we don’t, motivated by the anger from years of being loved and needed only at someone else’s convenience. Her vocals begin raw and hesitant as she contemplates a call from her ex, then build into a chorus where her layered vocals chant the words she has finally gained the confidence to say.

“So you wanna be friends of is that on weekends? I was your pick me up, and I would say pick me up, but not anymore”.

1- High On Heartbreak- Nick Babcock

Kingston, Ontario raised pop artist Nick Babcock presents an unquestionably unique perspective on breakups in his debut single “High On Heartbreak”. The song is a moody breakup anthem, tracing the nuances of contemporary relationships where the honeymoon phase turns into boredom in the blink of an eye. Nick doesn’t let this get him down, instead he gets high on the possibility of what’s next—which is often a step closer to where we are meant to be, and who we are meant to be with. The song features soaring romantic harmonies, juxtaposed with a quick, almost rap-like bridge where his lips move as fast as our brains might right before we self-sabotage a relationship. The song captures a sentiment that has not been written before, but has been experienced by many.

“Now I’ve probably passed by another potential wife, bullshit the reasons and regret it every time. But I haven’t missed her in a while like she’s going out of style. I don’t get down, I get high.”

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