My Fall Recap – Sarah

So now that it’s started to snow in Toronto and has literally become effing freezing, I feel it’s appropriate to recap my fall adventures, as winter is coming….

Well it started off with my 22nd Birthday in late September, where my best friends and I had a good wine dinner. I passed out at 10:30 PM…Classic Sarah.

Another highlight is my trip to the apple orchard with my lovely boyfriend Jake. It’s just such a classic fall activity and we couldn’t pass up on a cute photo op!

Then he took me to the theatre (so classy lol) where we saw Bat out of Hell at the Ed Mirvish theatre downtown Toronto. I’m not exactly a meatloaf fan..but it was still a fun time!


And what is fall without a trip to the corn maze…It wasn’t that much of a maze tbh but at least I got cute pics HA! There were farm animals too! Did you know that sheeps wag their tails like dogs, I was so in love!

And finally, the best part of fall, is the fall scents. Bath & Body Works is a girls best friend. My fave candle picks this year was “Pumpkin Patch” & “Pumpkin Caramel Swirl”, and I love me a good room spray, I chose “sweater weather’ for this year! So beyond basic it physically hurts. Yolo. I also love me some good fall decor, but that’s for another post!

And that’s basically it! Winter came early this year but I bet it’s gonna be just as great as the fall!