Desserts You Need To Try! -Guest Blogger Anna

Hey Guys! It’s Anna! It’s been so long since I’ve last posted…oops

For my sweet tooth people, or people that are craving something sweet now and then. Here are my top 5 desserts to try right now are from Cafe Princess, Pastel Creperie & Dessert House, Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes, Dspot, and Royaltea.

Okay, let’s start with the featured dessert from Cafe Princess Located in North York on Yonge & Finch. The thing about this place is the little exercise of stairs you have to go up on the second floor where it’s exactly located. What I got was the Jamoca Almond Fudge Cake. What I love about this tasting was how the chocolate notes and a hint of almond clashes together beautifully. It has layers of moist chocolate and coffee flavoured cake, with an espresso flavoured cream with almonds in between the layers and a chocolate ganache and whipped cream on top. To this day I still crave this cake because the flavours blend in deliciously if you were to have a very sweet tooth. This dessert is great for friend gatherings and dates.

Shortcake Waffle

The second dessert is from Pastel Creperie & Dessert House in North York located on Yonge and Byng Avenue. Once you come in you are greeted and you see a very pleasing array of different cakes they make in-house. What I got was a Shortcake Waffle that contained with strawberries, blueberries, cake chunks, and ice cream. This dessert is perfect for a date or sharing with a friend. It’s an eye-pleaser, but with simple ingredients. Again the presentation is very extravagant for a waffle, the service is great, and it’s the best place to visit anytime. They offer a variety of cakes, crepes with great flavours, cold drinks, and hot drinks. I’ll always go back to this place for the calm atmosphere and the waffle dessert.

Fuwa Fuwa Signature

The third place I’ve gone to was Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes located in The Annex on Bloor and Brunswick Avenue. Once you come into the store you’ll see that it’s quite small but cute for its size. The things they offer are the Japanese pudding, the matcha roll, and variety versions of the souffle pancake. Of course, I had the try the Fuwa Fuwa Signature which contains the fluffy pancake, strawberries, blueberries, banana, and the lightly sweetened whip cream they make in-house. To describe the flavour of the dish the pancake is made souffle to perfection, (legit it is) it’s very fluffy to the point that is satisfying and it made me the happiest being in the world. This place is great for friend gatherings and dates. I was very surprised by the texture and was pleased that it’s like eating clouds.

Strawberry Shortcake

The third place to go is Dspot in Scarborough south of Lebovic Avenue. Once you arrive you will be seated. This dessert right here is the Strawberry Shortcake. It has layers of moist of white sponge cake layered with a mixture of ripe strawberries and fresh whipped cream topped with strawberry sauce, and with vanilla ice cream. This is one of the most nostalgic desserts I’ve ever had because when I was a kid I always had strawberries with cream and this dessert took it to the next level by being in a cake with ice cream. This place is great with families, friend gatherings, and dates.

taro slush from royaltea
Taro Slush with Cream

Last but not least is Royaltea in Downtown Chinatown on Spadina Avenue. What I got was a Taro Slush with cream. When you arrive at this building and it’s in a basement with nice seating. Hands down I think that Taro is the best flavour to be a bubble tea, but there are many different flavours that they offer, but I haven’t tried it yet. Someday I do want to try it. This place is really great to hang out with your friends and also to go on dates with a nice and mellow atmosphere.

You guys should try all the places out! I would definitely recommend it that you should try these delectable and delicious desserts. Thanks for reading!