My Experience With Plastic Surgery and Fillers

This is a post I’ve been hesitant to write for a while just because I know people are very divided on the topic. I know some people say that you should just be happy in your own skin and learn to love yourself. But like just because I didn’t like my nose doesn’t mean I didn’t love myself LOL. I legit was just unhappy with my nose for years, and if I had the funds to make a change, then why not. I went to Dr. Torgerson located in Yorkville and that man has magic fingers I swear, every patient of his comes out looking fab.

Facial Plastic Surgery & Laser Centre – Toronto

I got it as my University Graduation present on May 1st 2018. And while the month of May was probably the worst month of my life (bloody loogies, not being able to breath out of your nose, dry mouth etc.) I would do it 1000 times over again I had to. I absolutely LOVE my nose and I’m 10 times more confident when I go out. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but when when I look prettier I feel happier.

I’ll insert some before and after pics right here.



The best picture is right after it happened and my face was all swollen and bruised. It is just hilarious to me!


One thing to note is that when cartilage heals, it heals very bumpy. My nose had different bumps in various places on different days, it was quite strange! They say it takes up to a full year for everything to be completely healed.

And I wish I could say it stopped there, but it didn’t LOL. I have never really been a fan of my butt chin, so for my birthday present to myself this year I got a little bit of a filler in my chin to get rid of the dent and elongate my face just a little. I’ll insert pictures below.


And finally, I wouldn’t be a millennial girl if I din’t try lip fillers at least once. I went to this place called “New You” and Yonge and Davisville which had a deal where you could get 50% off your first filler treatment. And they called her the ‘Lip Doctor’ and rightfully so because I absolutely love them! I told her I didn’t want to change the shape of my lips just make them a little more plump all around, which I think she did perfectly. I had these done in September 2018 and they are still holding up strong!


Now I really wanted to be honest in this blog, I’ve never once given the impression to any of my friends or followers that I didn’t get any of this stuff done. I believe in complete honesty and that you should own up to your shit. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve had done, and I don’t think it’s something that others should judge me for too. We’re all just people trying to be happy and make a name for ourselves in this world so lets try to keep the love okay ❤

Some people will probably say oh it’s because she lives in the Kardashian generation and wants to be fake like all the other celebrities out there. And it’s extremely plausible that that influences me in some way, being a girl in 2019 it’s almost impossible to avoid these images and messages. But these are things I’ve wanted for years, not just because the Kardashians told me so. I always say that people who are judgmental are just unhappy with something in their life, so I try not to listen to any negativity that I get.

I understand that I’m extremely fortunate to be able to afford all these things, and I am forever grateful that I made these decisions in my early 20’s. My surgeon said the most common ages to get these procedures done is early 20’s right before your adult life starts, and after 40 when all their kids have grown up. So in my mind, why wait??