At Home Professional Nails?


A while back I had what I thought at the time was a brilliant idea. Why am I spending so much money on my nails every 3 weeks, I should just learn to do it myself! I used to get Acrylic nails done before I switched to dip powder so I initially bought an at home acrylic kit from Amazon. I got the Coceslia starter pack which includes Acyrlic liquid, 3 colours of powder, a small bowl to hold the liquid and a brush. I’m sure many of you have has acrylic nails at least once in your life so you know the process goes. There’s a liquid that you dip into the acrylic powder and it forms a gel like consistency that you shape onto your nail. So I tried doing this myself, and IT’S MUTHAFUCKIN HARD. Like my technique was shit and so they ended up being really bumpy. I had to spend like 3 hours filing them down until the point where they looked sort of normal. I’ll insert some pics of the set and how my nails turned out (not that bad actually, just the process was a bitch).



So I gave up on at home acrylic because it was just too hard and time consuming. So I thought dip powder nails might be easier! I bought the Kiara Sky line. It was easier because you realistically just put on a clear coat and dip your nail into the powder and repeat a few times. But I was a little disappointed that the nails popped off just within a few days! I’m sure it’s all because I have shitty techniques and don’t have the patience to learn. So for now I’ll be sticking to the salon LOL 😉