Korres Pomegranate Moisturizing & Balancing Cream-Gel

Since my boyfriend and I share skincare, we go through it like crazy! So it’s already time for us to buy a new moisturizer. We just finished ‘The Ordinary – Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% Hydrating Cream’ and truthfully it wasn’t my fave. It didn’t sink into the skin very easily and felt greasy to me. I wanted to try something that was more geared towards oily skin.

I came across this one from Korres called the ‘Pomegranate Moisturizing & Balancing Cream-Gel’. This is specifically geared towards those with oily skin. It is considered a ‘gel-cream’ which is great because I prefer gel moisturizers over thicker creams, and this is somewhere in between which will be good for the winters when my skin gets a little more dry.

The packaging is adorable (it’s pink so I was immediately drawn to it 😛 ) and you get 1.35 fluid oz for $42.00 CAD.

Below is a pic of what the moisturizer actually looks like. It’s clearly thicker than other moisturizer’s I’ve tried (see my others posts here for more info: https://livelifeintheflorallane.com/2019/08/03/makeup-and-skincare-haul-reviews/


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It takes a bit longer to sink in than a straight up gel moisturizer, but it doesn’t take too long and it eventually dries feeling smooth and soft. It smells really good which is always a plus, I don’t like when my products smell medicinal or chemically.

This is my first time ever trying a product from Korres even though I’ve always heard really great things. So I’m pretty excited about this and I’m definitely going to review more Korres products in the future!

That’s it for now!



My Shoot with @que.osha

Another day, another photoshoot! I just have so much fun doing these because A) it’s a way of getting more content for my socials/blogs, and B) it’s also just fun to keep these memories and document my life in this way. It will be so much fun showing my sister’s grandkids these one day (I say my sister because I am NEVER having children of my own LOL). This next one was set in Queen’s Park and I wanted to to have fun fall vibes. Here are 8 of my favourite photos from the shoot.

Sarah (7 of 8)Sarah (5 of 8)Sarah (8 of 8)Sarah (2 of 8)Sarah (6 of 8)Sarah (4 of 8)Sarah (3 of 8)Sarah (1 of 8)

I hope you liked ❤



Gel Nails at Home – Bossy Double UV Lamp

I am SO excited about this next post because I think I’ve finally mastered the art of nails at home. A while ago I posted my different attempts trying professional nails on my own. I tried both acrylic nails (where you have the liquid and powder that you make into a mixture yourself) which is really hard and not worth the time in my opinion, and I also tried dipping powder, which was easy but the nails fell off in like 2 days. I’ll link that post here if you want to read more about those processes.


Now here I am trying gel nails, and it’s by far the easiest method I’ve tried, when I initially thought it was going to be the opposite (idk why it always just seemed the hardest?). The process takes about 2.5h which is the same as if you were to go to a salon, but at home you can take pee and snack breaks and also breaks for puppy/kitty cuddles in between ;).

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I first start by buffing off the old shelac colour and grinding it down to a smooth base before I apply the layer of gel. I then take a square flat nail brush, dip it into the gel and apply it on like I would any nail colour. I start from the base where the cuticles are and put a thicker layer where it needs to be refilled, then drag the gel up the rest of the nail. It’s a really thick gel and it’s super easy to work with, and if you make a mistake you can wipe it up and fix it before it hardens when you put it in the UV lamp.

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Once the gel is done and hardened (I like to put it in the lamp for 2-3 round just to be extra safe) I switch up the head on my electric nail file so it’s not so harsh and we don’t buff off all the hard work we just did. I buff it down so it’s super smooth, file it to the shape I want it and now we’re ready to paint.

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

This part is super easy, you take the UV gel base, put it in the machine, put on whatever shelac colour you want, put it in the machine, and then finally put on your top coat and, yup you guessed it, put it in the machine LOL.

And that’s pretty much it! They turned out super nice and they lasted for a good three weeks before they grew out and I had to do my next refill.

This is by far my new favourite method of nails and I will never be spending money in a nail salon ever again! You can get these supplies at any nail supply store, and I think my total ended up being around $250 for the entire kit (which comes with 6 polishes).

Here is a picture of the final product for the past two attempts.

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed!



Milk Makeup KUSH Growhouse™ Lash + Brow Serum Review

A few months ago I decided to stop getting lash extensions done all the time. This was mainly due to financial reasons not because I don’t love them 😛

But ever since I stopped, my lashes have have looked so short and stubby and something needed to be done. I’ve used lash serums in the past (I used to use the ‘Eye Envy’ brand) so I knew they worked but I wanted to try something new *and less expensive LOL. This serum is around $65.00 CAD give or take.


Milk Makeup came out with their own version of a lash and brow growth serum called the ‘KUSH Growhouse™ Lash + Brow Serum’. It has cannabis extracts in it, so it’s definitely hopping on the cannabis train in terms of skincare (so many products these days say they use cannabis as a marketing strategy ever since it became legal). It’s unclear whether cannabis extracts actually do anything for your skin or if it’s just a marketing tool, but it still worked on me haha.

I’ve been using this serum for a little over a month now, both morning and night if I can remember. And I have to say that this shit WORKS! It’s a little on the thicker side in terms of consistency but it doesn’t burn my eyes like other lash serums have in the past! I’ve noticed a significant growth in just one month, and even my boyfriend has noticed without me having to say anything! So if a straight male has noticed the difference, clearly it’s working LOL.


This stuff has saved my lashes and I really recommend it as a less expensive alternative to other lash serums, because it works just the same!

That’s all I have for now 🙂



My Shoot with @anabrauerr

Hey friends!

I recently did another photoshoot with one of my favourite photographers that I’ve used in the past, Ana Brauer. She really is amazing and if you’re in the Toronto Area I would highly recommend choosing her if you’re in need of a photographer. I really love the photos that she took and I wanted to share them with all of you! Here are some of my favourites!


I think she’s working on editing a few more for me, so I will add those when they are finished as well!

I hope you enjoyed!



Extra Photos:



My Three Fall Must-Haves – By Marisa Chiorello

Hey beautiful souls!

Fall is officially here! For me, that’s a reason to celebrate. Fall is one of my favourite seasons because the weather is beautiful and I can really express myself through fashion. To be honest, I love fall fashion more than any other season. I feel that the outfits I put together are so cute and versatile. So, I decided to put together some of my fall must-haves!

Fall Shoes

high heel booties

I love wearing Suede high heel booties during fall. I have a black pair, a brown pair, a maroon pair, and pattern pairs.  I love patterned pairs because they really make my outfits pop. Booties are really versatile; you can wear them with almost anything! I wear my high heel booties with tights and dresses, leggings, skirts, and skinny jeans. When you wear heel booties with jeans, it is essential that the jeans are tight around the ankle. That way, the fabric will be able to tuck directly into the boot. All in all, shoes can make or break an outfit, and high heel booties are definitely the fall shoes you should have in your closet!




Many of my elegant blouses for fall are from Lauren Conrad’s clothing line, LC Lauren Conrad.  Yes, there are times when I’ll purchase items of clothing that are quite expensive, but recently I’ve found some beautiful pieces that are super affordable. Feminine blouses are perfect for fall because they can go with anything (jeans, dress pants, leggings, tights and skirts). They’re also perfect because they dress up your outfit, and they can make you look more modern and elegant. I also love how you can add layers to an elegant blouse with a blazer or jacket. My elegant blouses for fall consist of fall colours, patterns, and bows.



matching set

My last must-have for this fall season is matching sets! Matching sets are known as the chic on-the-go outfit, so they make getting dressed easy, especially if you really don’t know what to wear. I love matching sets with patterns like pinstripes.  I also love fall colours such as maroon, mustard yellow, and hues of browns. Crop top matching sets are the cutest! If you get chilly you can always pair it with a jacket. Many of my matching sets are either pant sets or skirts sets!

I hope you like my three fall must-haves! Let me know which ones you add to your wardrobe!

Until next time,


My Top Three Lip Balms for Dry, Chapped Lips – By Marisa Chiorello

Hey beautiful souls!

If you’re anything like me, you know that dry, chapped lips don’t just happen during the cold winter months. You can have dry, chapped lips 365 days a year regardless of the season. It’s annoying, it’s painful, and it’s what I’m currently going through. So, I set out to try the best chap stick and lip balms for dry, chapped lips. Three of them really worked for my lips, and they are definitely my top three lip balms for dry, chapped lips. My lips are finally saved, pain free, and soft! Here they are!

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, $4.

main pic

The first chap stick I tried was, of course, the very popular Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees comes in many, different scents such as Cucumber Mint, Mango, Vanilla Bean, Wild Cherry, and Pomegranate- just to name a few. I decided to stick to the original, although I’m excited to try the other scents.

I know you’re probably thinking, “What took you so long to try Burt’s bees?” Well, I remember using them when I was younger, but I don’t remember the results. Plus, I spent years using EOS lip balm. So, back to Burt’s Bees I went, and I’m happy I did!

While using Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, my lips immediately felt smoother and relieved. When I put on a lot of this lip balm, it looked like I was wearing lip gloss. I loved this! My lips really improved using this product. Also, you won’t break the bank with this purchase.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15, $24.

sugar lip treatment

I love the Sugar brand and I’ll purchase their items whenever I have the money. However, if spending is not a problem for you, you should try this product! After testing out this lip balm, my lips were definitely more moisturized. I also loved the fact that there is SPF 15 in this, which is great when you’re out in the sun. This lip balm smelled delicious, too!

You can also get Sugar’s lip balm in different tints!

Vaseline Limited Edition Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy, $3.99.

pink bubbly

This is the lip balm I’m currently using and I’m in LOVE! First, I loved the light pink colour and the sweet, delicious smell. However, nothing beats the purpose and results of Vaseline! This lip balm states that it “locks in moisture for beautiful, healthy lips.” This is totally true! The first time I used this lip balm my lips were thanking me. The extra moisture really helped my dry lips for hours. Yes, this lip balm really holds the moisture for a long time, before you have to re-apply. I also liked the fact that this lip balm isn’t sticky or greasy. I use this lip balm every day and I no longer have dry, chapped lips!

Let me know which lip balm you try and how it helps your lips!

Until next time,


Oops I bought 3 Kate Spade Purses in One Day

Happy Birthday to me I guess! Kate Spade had a major labour day sale and I went a tad crazy (that’s an understatement seeing as I spent like $700.00 CAD), but how could I not it was A SALE people!

After I dyed my hair purple (see post here https://livelifeintheflorallane.com/2019/09/16/playing-with-joico-hair-dye/) I was on a purple kick and wanted to get a purse to match. I ended up with this little guy right here.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

This is called the “Margaux Mini Satchel” and although this particular colour may not be currently available, they have this style in fall colours right now.

Link to this product: https://www.katespade.com/products/margaux-mini-satchel/PXRUA540.html

Next I picked up some blue purses because I’ve never had that colour for a purse before and I was feeling adventurous.

Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset

This is a gorgeous pistachio blue colour and it is called the “Polly Medium Convertible Shoulder Bag”. They don’t have this colour anymore since it has very strong spring/summer vibes, but they have it in a gorgeous burgundy colour for the fall.

Link: https://www.katespade.com/products/polly-medium-convertible-shoulder-bag/PXRUA250.html

And finally because I clearly don’t know my limits, I bought one more for shits and gigs.

Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset

This is a very simply crossbody shoulder bag in a periwinkle blue shade. This is called the “Polly Medium Crossbody” however I just checked the website and I think it’s all sold out and no longer available. It’s a really simple style though so you can pick up something very similar! It’s really thin almost just like an envelope and there are a ton of styles like it on their website.

Now that I have all the colours of the rainbow, I think I’m done purse shopping for a while!

What is your favourite brand to buy purses from?




Makeup Haul!

I’m such a sucker for cute packaging…if it’s pink or has a cute design it’s highly likely that it will end up in my collection. I picked up a cute little eyeshadow palette from Too Faced (even though I barely wear eyeshadow?) and a cheek palette alongside some highlighters. I’m so excited that The Balm cosmetics finally made its way into my Canadian drugstores because I’ve been hearing about it for years and now I finally get to try!

The first thing I got from The Balm is this ‘Grl Pwdr’ Cheek palette! It’s a blush/bronzer palette with a variety of matte and shimmery shades. I love love love the packaging it’s so creative and perfect for gals on the go. I’ve only tried one shade but it was pretty opaque and sat well on the skin.



Next I picked up two highlighters. I got the famous Mary-Lou Manizer that everyone and their mother seems to have and I also picked up the Bonnie-Lou Manizer which is very similar just a slightly darker glow.



Last but not least I got the Too Faced ‘Shake Your Palm Palm’s’ eyeshadow palette. I’ve used this palette a few times and it’s honestly okay, I wish some of the colours were a little more pigmented. It doesn’t really matter though I just bought it because it looks adorable in my collection LOL.



That’s it for now my loves!



5 Breakup Songs You Need to Hear Right Now (Heartbroken or Not) – By Laila Kharouba

5. I Do- Wild Rivers

In their new single “I Do”, Toronto based folk band Wild Rivers muses on a feeling we all know too well— the realization that someone is over you when you aren’t even close. This melancholic song circles around melodically, as the heart does around memories after a breakup. Devan and Khalid’s intertwining harmonies become almost indistinguishable as they repeat the inherently romantic proclamation ‘I Do’, but with a completely different sentiment than one would expect from the song title. I’ve had this gorgeously sad song on repeat since it came out on August 9th, and you will as well.

“Seems like you’re getting on, I ain’t getting nowhere”. 

4. okay- LANY & Julia Michaels

This song is a simple and earnest retracing of a relationship’s beginning and end. Songwriting queen Julia Michaels sings an octave above Laney (“Thru These Tears”) as the song almost whispers in your ear the question we often ask ourselves and our best friends: “I’m gonna be okay, right?”. The intimacy of the two voices suggests a shared experience of heartbreak while the instrumentation rolls underneath them, pushing them both to move on, and giving the situation some hope despite the defeat made clear in the lyrics.

“Is it wrong to think you’re sadistic? I know you’re sleeping perfect while I’m over here hurting.”

3. Leaving Song- Birds of Bellwood’s

“Leaving Song” is one of the many hauntingly beautiful songs from the popular and undeniably dynamic Birds of Bellwoods. The song reflects on a selfless sending of a loved one on their way, despite a selfish desire for them to stay. Stephen Joffe’s voice has a way of piercing through your headphones and right into your heart, while his bandmate’s voices echo behind him like the words in your head that you wish you had said.

“On the surface it appears that you have always loved it here, but still I know deep inside that you must change the tide.”

2- This Is On You- Maisie Peters

Up and coming British pop-folk powerhouse Maisie Peters has a way of singing complex scenarios into simple and accessible songs. “This Is On You” is sassy (in the sweetest way possible), honest, and tragic. The song is a recognition of what we deserve, and what we don’t, motivated by the anger from years of being loved and needed only at someone else’s convenience. Her vocals begin raw and hesitant as she contemplates a call from her ex, then build into a chorus where her layered vocals chant the words she has finally gained the confidence to say.

“So you wanna be friends of is that on weekends? I was your pick me up, and I would say pick me up, but not anymore”.

1- High On Heartbreak- Nick Babcock

Kingston, Ontario raised pop artist Nick Babcock presents an unquestionably unique perspective on breakups in his debut single “High On Heartbreak”. The song is a moody breakup anthem, tracing the nuances of contemporary relationships where the honeymoon phase turns into boredom in the blink of an eye. Nick doesn’t let this get him down, instead he gets high on the possibility of what’s next—which is often a step closer to where we are meant to be, and who we are meant to be with. The song features soaring romantic harmonies, juxtaposed with a quick, almost rap-like bridge where his lips move as fast as our brains might right before we self-sabotage a relationship. The song captures a sentiment that has not been written before, but has been experienced by many.

“Now I’ve probably passed by another potential wife, bullshit the reasons and regret it every time. But I haven’t missed her in a while like she’s going out of style. I don’t get down, I get high.”

Check out the Spotify playlist featuring all these songs:


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