Gel Nails at Home – Bossy Double UV Lamp

I am SO excited about this next post because I think I’ve finally mastered the art of nails at home. A while ago I posted my different attempts trying professional nails on my own. I tried both acrylic nails (where you have the liquid and powder that you make into a mixture yourself) which is really hard and not worth the time in my opinion, and I also tried dipping powder, which was easy but the nails fell off in like 2 days. I’ll link that post here if you want to read more about those processes.

Now here I am trying gel nails, and it’s by far the easiest method I’ve tried, when I initially thought it was going to be the opposite (idk why it always just seemed the hardest?). The process takes about 2.5h which is the same as if you were to go to a salon, but at home you can take pee and snack breaks and also breaks for puppy/kitty cuddles in between ;).

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I first start by buffing off the old shelac colour and grinding it down to a smooth base before I apply the layer of gel. I then take a square flat nail brush, dip it into the gel and apply it on like I would any nail colour. I start from the base where the cuticles are and put a thicker layer where it needs to be refilled, then drag the gel up the rest of the nail. It’s a really thick gel and it’s super easy to work with, and if you make a mistake you can wipe it up and fix it before it hardens when you put it in the UV lamp.

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Once the gel is done and hardened (I like to put it in the lamp for 2-3 round just to be extra safe) I switch up the head on my electric nail file so it’s not so harsh and we don’t buff off all the hard work we just did. I buff it down so it’s super smooth, file it to the shape I want it and now we’re ready to paint.

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This part is super easy, you take the UV gel base, put it in the machine, put on whatever shelac colour you want, put it in the machine, and then finally put on your top coat and, yup you guessed it, put it in the machine LOL.

And that’s pretty much it! They turned out super nice and they lasted for a good three weeks before they grew out and I had to do my next refill.

This is by far my new favourite method of nails and I will never be spending money in a nail salon ever again! You can get these supplies at any nail supply store, and I think my total ended up being around $250 for the entire kit (which comes with 6 polishes).

Here is a picture of the final product for the past two attempts.

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed!



At Home Professional Nails?


A while back I had what I thought at the time was a brilliant idea. Why am I spending so much money on my nails every 3 weeks, I should just learn to do it myself! I used to get Acrylic nails done before I switched to dip powder so I initially bought an at home acrylic kit from Amazon. I got the Coceslia starter pack which includes Acyrlic liquid, 3 colours of powder, a small bowl to hold the liquid and a brush. I’m sure many of you have has acrylic nails at least once in your life so you know the process goes. There’s a liquid that you dip into the acrylic powder and it forms a gel like consistency that you shape onto your nail. So I tried doing this myself, and IT’S MUTHAFUCKIN HARD. Like my technique was shit and so they ended up being really bumpy. I had to spend like 3 hours filing them down until the point where they looked sort of normal. I’ll insert some pics of the set and how my nails turned out (not that bad actually, just the process was a bitch).



So I gave up on at home acrylic because it was just too hard and time consuming. So I thought dip powder nails might be easier! I bought the Kiara Sky line. It was easier because you realistically just put on a clear coat and dip your nail into the powder and repeat a few times. But I was a little disappointed that the nails popped off just within a few days! I’m sure it’s all because I have shitty techniques and don’t have the patience to learn. So for now I’ll be sticking to the salon LOL 😉


My Favourite Nail Colours for Winter

PINK, PINK, EVERYTHING PINK!!! So I get the winter blues pretty much every year, and when I can do even just the smallest things to keep me happy and remind me of summer, I’ll do it. For example I’ll burn coconut scented candles in the winter, or have bright coloured nails to make me feel not so blah. We live in a shitty world and sometimes we just have to appreciate the small things…like pink nails. 😉