Meet Rasha – Our Newest Blogger

Hey everyone!

My name is Rasha and I am so excited to join this lovely team of bloggers at Live Life in The Floral Lane. I am a journalist who is passionate about media entrepreneurship and the arts. I came across this beauty and lifestyle platform a few months ago and knew it would be the best platform to not only share my knowledge about skincare, healthy lifestyle (nutrition and fitness) but also learn from others.

Like most young professionals, I graduated Ryerson School of Journalism eager to dive into television and publicity. I am a communications lead by day and producer for Media by night. Being on the go and cramming my schedule with projects I love and absolutely can’t say no to has taught me a few tips and tricks in keeping my body, mindset and lifestyle optimal and fun!

Living “healthy” and “happy” means different things to everyone. My philosophy regarding this is shaped a lot about what my mom (aesthetician and amazing baker!) has instilled in me – to continuously acquire knowledge that will allow you to make the best health, beauty and self care decisions for yourself. We all are unique, so know what works for you!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@rashareh) and support a media arts and culture platform I have co-founded (@1030rn, Instagram).

Meet Marisa – Our Newest Blogger

Hello to all the beautiful souls out there!

My name is Marisa and I’m a 26-year-old writer, editor, and children’s book author. After graduating with a B.A. in English Literature and Women’s and Gender Studies, I now wear many hats! It’s very fun!

I write articles on many different topics. Some of these include feminism, body image, entertainment, beauty, and fashion. This is what brought me here, to my newest favourite blog! I must admit, I am obsessed with every post!

Live Life in The Floral Lane truly embodies who I am as a person. I am a lover of all things pink, because to me, pink is a powerful colour. I also love floral patterns, and I have a collection of floral skirts and dresses currently hanging in my closet. I enjoy expressing myself through fashion and showing others that you can be both feminine and powerful at the same time. So, I may be a walking billboard for Live Life in The Floral Lane in terms of fashion!

Much like I enjoy expressing myself through the written word and clothes, I also enjoy expressing myself through makeup. I like trying new lip gloss and lipsticks that complement my skin. I like trying different types of mascara for extreme volume and length. Lastly, I like trying various bronzers for a sun-kissed glow.

As someone who has constantly struggled with body image and confidence, I hope to aid readers in finding their confidence through the personal posts I write! After all, we are all beautiful!

You can find me on Twitter: @justmarisaxox

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Thanks for reading!

Meet Laila Kharouba – Our Newest Blogger

Well hello there, lovelies!

I am so excited to be joining Sarah and the rest of the talented contributors here at Live Life in The Floral Lane. I love this blog—it features a truly delicious and astutely curated mixture of positivity and all things beauty and lifestyle. And I must mention that I appreciate how incredibly aesthetically pleasing it is. I have come to accept that surrounding myself with pinks, purples, and flowers, does in fact make me a happier and more inspired person. Anyone else feel this?

I am a 24-year-old actress, singer, and writer raised and residing in Toronto. I graduated from Queen’s University with a BAH in Drama and Film in 2017, and since then have spent my days writing, singing, and auditioning for film and TV jobs. Oh, and serving and bartending. I guess I should include that. I adore everything travel, nature, beauty, health, and food/drink related.

In the two years since I finished school, I’ve loved being able to finally commit myself 100% to pursuing my dreams. That being said, with acting, I am constantly encountering ‘rejection’ (well, I like to believe it’s not a ‘no’, rather a ‘not yet’) on a weekly basis. I’ve had to be resourceful in finding ways to organize and enhance my life while taking control of my happiness, and staying inspired and ambitious. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m slowly figuring it out. Hopefully I’ll be sharing some of these experiences with you, along with creative writing, and beauty/lifestyle related pieces.

My Instagram is @lailakharouba, where you can find lots of singing videos (and ok fine–a few selfies).

 Have the most wonderful day!



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Meet CarrieJ – Our Newest Blogger

Hi, my name is CarrieJ and I am the lover of all things beautiful, and that includes you, because I already know you are a beautiful soul! That is why you are reading this blog!

Have you ever wondered where does the big beautiful blue-sky ends? I mean, it must end somewhere. That’s the kind of crazy stuff I like to think about sometimes. But seriously, why should beautiful things have to end?! We at Live Life in the Floral Lane, are committed to all things beautiful. Beautiful baskets of poinsettia, beautiful gardens of tulips, or the first bunches of roses we find in the shop for Mother’s Day. Not to mention the endless fashion and beauty tips offered on this blog. Why should it have to end?! That’s why photographs are important.

Photography represent a frozen frame on the continuum of time. A beautiful time that will never end.

This week I bought my first flower basket. It smells refreshing! I decided to snap a photo because when Winter comes, I never ever want to forget that flowers bloom in Spring. I guess that’s metaphorical too. We have these awesome days that we just never ever want to end. Times when the very clock’s ticking into the next second is a dread, why should it end?!

When I got married, it was one of those awesome days. I wanted the honeymoon to last forever. It was a beautiful day! Leading up to that day, being just graduated from University, I was trying to minimize on cost and nearly chopped the photography budget in half, but for a wise old lady who cautioned me. She said days like these only come around once (I hope!), so enjoy it but also snap it into eternity! Then you look back on that photograph and think, I remember that beautiful day.

For this Spring, here’s to lots of beautiful days and lots of photographs.

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Introduction – Sarah

Hey friends! My name is Sarah and welcome to my blog. I have a passion for beauty, fashion, skincare and I’m out here just trying to live my best life. I’ve always had a passion for writing and creating content, but to be honest, I’ve always been a little insecure about what people would think of me! Now that I’m older and wiser, I just say who effing cares! Follow your dreams and do what you love regardless of what people think, so here I am, starting my journey. I hope to see y’all along for the ride 😉


Our Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! We appreciate everyone who reaches our site!

Hey friends! It’s ya girl Sarah here (@sarahhirji). Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I’m a 22-year-old beauty blogger from Toronto, Ontario and I have always had a passion for all things chic and girly. One of my favourite things to do is to keep up with current beauty trends, see what the hottest products are, and hear what other people think of them! You too right? Why else would you be here!? If you want to see more of what I have to say about things like current trends, beauty reviews etc. then you should definitely check out my blog.

BUT it gets better! Here at Live Life In The Floral Lane we love hearing from y’all too! We have a collection of beautiful writers who contribute to this site in any creative way they want! This site is a community and we welcome all who want to join in! Look out for posts from my lovely team, and feel free to reach out if you want to be a part too!