Makeup and Skincare Haul/Reviews

Oops I did it again…I went shopping…

I needed a new moisturizer so I went to Sephora to buy one thing, and naturally I leave with the entire store.

First I’ll start with the moisturizer I went in for.


I finished up my Tarte moisturizer (see review here –, so I needed a new one. I did my research and I wanted to find one with a similar consistency to the Tarte one, which led me to the First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream. It’s almost like a gel to water consistency, it’s great for oily skin, and smells super yummy and summery!

While I was there I thought I better pick up a new eye cream since I dropped my Neutrogena one in the toilet while drunk…I’ve heard good things about the Ole Henriksen  Banana Bright Eye Cream so I picked that one up.

Then I decided to go crazy.


I was running low on my Maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation and I needed a new one, one that I’ve never tried before. The Nars All Day Luminous Foundation has been on my radar for a while so I decided to pick it up. I’ve been using it for a little while now and I really do like it! The coverage is beyond full and the colour match is great (I got the colour Punjab), but it’s not the best for oily skin as I notice it starts to break apart around my nose and chin area in the middle of the day. Not the end of the world because I have other long lasting foundations, like the Estee Lauder Double Wear *which is the all time best for oily skin IMO*.

That was SUPPOSED to be it for my haul, and then Benefit Cosmetics got me with their minis. I just walked passed them and was like fuck I gotta have these LOL. I’ve never tried the Galifornia Blush or the Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter and I’ve been wanting to forever! Mini products are a good way to try something without paying full price so I couldn’t pass these up. The Galifornia Blush is a bright coral colour which is perfect for summer, and the Dandelion Twinkle is a light pink powder with reflective specs. It’s not an intense highlighter like the ABH palettes, it’s a lot more subtle and can be used all over the face just like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. I would say it’s more similar to those than a typical highlighter.

And then I was already in the shopping mood at that point so I thought why not pick up some more lip products from the drugstore. I love the Revlon Lipsticks so I picked up a few.


From Left to Right:

  • #205 Champagne on Ice
  • #668 Primrose
  • #720 Fire and Ice
  • #463 Sassy Mauve

I also picked up a Revlon Lipgloss in the shade #205 Snow Pink

That’s all the damage done for now. I’m sure I’ll be shopping again soon though LOL!



I Dyed My Hair Whiter Than The Walls

In honour of Game of Thrones ending, I decided to go all Targaryen on your asses with my new hair 😉 Jk jk. But in all honestly, I decided to dye it because I was just so sick of my grey hairs.

I’ve been getting grey hairs since I was legitimately 14 years old, maybe even earlier. And recently something in me just cracked and I couldn’t take it any longer. So instead of dying it black and trying to cover up the greys, I decided just to dye my whole head grey! (Totally sane choice right :P)

I was inspired by my co-worker Rebecca (shoutout to my homegirl) who went to this salon called “Beauty on The Grind” (@beautonthegrind – follow them on insta). She came to work one day with the most gorgeous silver hair and I was like OMG I NEED THAT RIGHT NOW. So naturally I booked my appointment that same day and before you know it my hair was done 3 weeks later.

I’ll insert a few pics here:

Now, I wanna talk a little bit about the process –  It took a whopping 11 hours in the salon to achieve this look. The first thing they do is bleach the shit out of it, so that takes a few hours to begin with. And then the reason why it takes so long is because she tones it with the colour TWICE, and each time you’re sitting there for a few hours with colour in your hair because she doesn’t use any heat to speed up the process since this damages your hair. I was in there from 12pm to 11pm at night, but lemme tell ya, it was all worth it in the end.

Photo 2019-06-06, 3 21 18 PM

This salon charges $325 as a base rate for 5 bowls of colour, and then they charge $35 dollars per additional bowl, and since my hair is really long I needed about 8 which is why it got rather expensive. I also had to pay for all the new hair care products for blondes and coloured hair, which added an additional couple hundred to the bill.

I was sent home with a couple of products that I want to share with y’all. This salon swears by the brand ‘Fanola’, so I was sent back with their purple shampoo, purple mask, and restructuring shampoo as a once in a while intensive treatment. I’ve used the purple shampoo and mask and it has really lightened my hair already! As many of you know the purple tones are supposed to get rid of any yellow or brassy-ness in the hair. I was also sent home with the Revlon Coconut leave in treatment and I LOVE this stuff. Bleaching your hair makes it feel like legitimate hay and this stuff helps keep some smoothness to it. And finally, I got sent home with the ‘Schwarzkopf Keratin Restore Bonding Mask’ for blondes. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it will make it pretty smooth while keeping the blonde tones.


And that’s all I have for now! I plan on booking my follow up appointments for every 6 months or so just to tone it and eventually go more blonde. Right now it is definitely more grey than blonde, and eventually I would like to go lighter! But all in due time.

Thanks for reading!

Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Oil Review

Blemished skin girls, FEAR NO MORE! This oil is targeted at those with blemish prone skin, and I promise you my pimples have definitely reduced since I bought this product. I’ve been using it for a little over a month now, and my skin has never looked better! (aside from the few inevitable period pimples during that time of the month, but what can you do).

I use it morning and night, and you know how it’s hard to tell the progress with your skin on yourself because you look at yourself constantly all day every day. But the real test is when other people notice, and my co-workers have been saying that my skin is just brighter and overall healthier, so like… I’ll take it LOL!

It smells good to me (but that’s because I’m a pothead lol) so the smell might not be for everyone. I’ll insert an excerpt from the Kiehls website to showcase what exactly it is supposed to do.

“Inspired by Kiehl’s apothecary heritage, our calmative facial oil is uniquely formulated for problem skin including skin prone to blemishes, visible redness and discomfort. Formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients, including Hemp-Derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Green Oregano Oil. This lightweight non-comedogenic facial oil helps calm the feeling of stressed skin.

  • Helps visibly reduce skin redness and provides skin with relief from discomfort
  • Calms the feeling of stressed skin while helping balance hydration
  • Helps strengthen skin’s barrier to help skin protect itself
  • Non-acnegenic
  • For problem, oily, and blemish-prone skin*
  • Formulated with 100% naturally derived** ingredients including Green Oregano Oil and Cold-Pressed, Hemp-Derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil”

I strongly suggest any girls with problem skin try this stuff out! It did exactly what I was hoping the Dr. Jart Tiger Grass cream would do, but as you know that was a flop. If you’re interested you can check out that review here:

You like? My hair? Gee Thx, Just Bought it.

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because I feel like a lot of the people who read this blog are already pretty familiar with hair extensions. But I still think it might be useful to some to share my experience.

So I bought them from Bellami Hair just like every Youtuber and their Mother LOL. It just seemed to be the most talked about so I thought I would give it a go. I was torn between what colour to get. I was originally interested in the ‘Bellisima’ in off black, but I was a little low on money back then so I waited. THANK GOD I waited because they came out with a new shade just recently which is a legitimate PERFECT match for my hair. I ended up getting the ‘Magnifica 24inches’ in ‘Mochachino Brown’.

Magnifica 240g 24" Mochachino Brown (1C) Hair Extensions

Let me tell you they are so easy to put in, just clip the top half of your hair up (or get your boyfriend to hold it like I do :P) and simply clip them in onto the under layer, making sure the clips don’t poke through. Then just brush it all together, style, and voila!

Before I got these I was in an internal debate between getting clip ins or tape ins (the more permanent ones), but I decided that it was too much of a hassle and I didn’t necessarily want them in all the time, so I opted for clip ins. Not to mention the tape ins from Bellami are CRAZY expensive, not worth it to me.

Do any of you use hair extensions, and if so what brands do you recommend?!


A Mini Drugstore Haul

I needed a new eye cream and because I pay rent now, I needed a cream on a budget. So I got the Neutrogena Hydroburst one because I’ve heard good things.

I also wanted to get a hair oil because I’ve noticed I lack a lot of hair care, it doesn’t really seem to be my thing. But I want to start playing with hair products more so I got the Dry Argan Oil from OGX Brand. It’s a spray which is different since I’ve only ever tried the MorrocanOil brand. So this should be interesting to try out!

Sephora Masks – Are they worth it?

Like I said in a previous post, I’m a person who likes instant gratification when I use a product (patience is a virtue Sar I know…) But I used both the green clay mask (for extracting the gunk out of your face) and the pink clay mask for its brightening properties. My mom got us the little packages in our stocking for Christmas, and so I’ve had the chance to try them out a few times. And I just don’t see that much of a difference after I use them! The pink one was a little better, I did notice my skin to be a little more luminous. But I definitely don’t think this will be a repurchase. And not to mention, the smell is rather off putting. Like it doesn’t smell bad at all it’s just not for me. Smells are important to me people!!!

New Highlighter Haul

So one of my favourite parts of doing my makeup is highlighter. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones so I bought the one in sunkissed ages ago. But I realllly have been into pinker highlighters recently so I thought I would give the Sugar glow kit a go which has more pink hues.


I really wanted to experiment with blue toned highlighters as well. And I know the ABH moonchild glow kit has those but I didn’t want to commit to the whole kit just in case I didn’t like it. So I opted for cheaper NYX version just to test it out. It’s obviously not as opaque but when you’re going for something more blue maybe that’s okay LOL.


That’s my recent haul y’all! ( I just really like saying that lol)

The BEST Moisturizer for Oily Skin


I finally found my holy grail moisturizer. It keeps my oil at bay and it keeps my skin so freaking smooth. Here is the description on the Sephora website:

“What it is:
A daily, vegan gel moisturizer that soothes and refreshes parched skin with electrolyte-packed hydration.

Solutions for:
– Dryness
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Loss of firmness and elasticity

If you want to know more…
– Vegan and hypoallergenic daily gel moisturizer
– Cools and quenches skin
– Quickly absorbs with no greasy feel
– Hyaluronic acid and electrolyte-balancing sea salts hydrate skin
– Antioxidant-rich algae fights free radicals and plumps the look of fine lines ”

I can’t really comment on the fine lines and wrinkles aspect of it, but I feel like my skin is brighter and I just love the feel of it on the face. It sinks in within 2 minutes and then you can’t even feel it. It’s like a miracle!

I read reviews from other people and although it says it suitable for all skin types, the dryer skincare lovers said that it wasn’t hydrating enough, so keep that in mind.

Oily skin gals I may have just saved your life! ( a lil dramatic but ok. lol)

New Skincare Goodies – Sarah

In the spirit of Christmas, obviously I had to treat myself to a present. I’ve been super into skincare lately and Sephora has a lot of really good value skin sets, so I couldn’t resist LOL.

My first and most favourite think I got was the Peter Thompson Roth mask sampler. These masks are so expensive on their own, and here you get 6 for less than $100! It was too good to pass up.


And the next item was an impulse buy. I bought the infamous watermelon sleeping mask that everyone has been raving about for a while. I’m interested to see if it’s as good as everyone says it is!


Keep in mind this is just a haul, but I plan to do reviews on each of these in the future!