Oops I bought 3 Kate Spade Purses in One Day

Happy Birthday to me I guess! Kate Spade had a major labour day sale and I went a tad crazy (that’s an understatement seeing as I spent like $700.00 CAD), but how could I not it was A SALE people!

After I dyed my hair purple (see post here https://livelifeintheflorallane.com/2019/09/16/playing-with-joico-hair-dye/) I was on a purple kick and wanted to get a purse to match. I ended up with this little guy right here.

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This is called the “Margaux Mini Satchel” and although this particular colour may not be currently available, they have this style in fall colours right now.

Link to this product: https://www.katespade.com/products/margaux-mini-satchel/PXRUA540.html

Next I picked up some blue purses because I’ve never had that colour for a purse before and I was feeling adventurous.

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This is a gorgeous pistachio blue colour and it is called theĀ “Polly Medium Convertible Shoulder Bag”. They don’t have this colour anymore since it has very strong spring/summer vibes, but they have it in a gorgeous burgundy colour for the fall.

Link: https://www.katespade.com/products/polly-medium-convertible-shoulder-bag/PXRUA250.html

And finally because I clearly don’t know my limits, I bought one more for shits and gigs.

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This is a very simply crossbody shoulder bag in a periwinkle blue shade. This is called the “Polly Medium Crossbody” however I just checked the website and I think it’s all sold out and no longer available. It’s a really simple style though so you can pick up something very similar! It’s really thin almost just like an envelope and there are a ton of styles like it on their website.

Now that I have all the colours of the rainbow, I think I’m done purse shopping for a while!

What is your favourite brand to buy purses from?