Gel Nails at Home – Bossy Double UV Lamp

I am SO excited about this next post because I think I’ve finally mastered the art of nails at home. A while ago I posted my different attempts trying professional nails on my own. I tried both acrylic nails (where you have the liquid and powder that you make into a mixture yourself) which is really hard and not worth the time in my opinion, and I also tried dipping powder, which was easy but the nails fell off in like 2 days. I’ll link that post here if you want to read more about those processes.

Now here I am trying gel nails, and it’s by far the easiest method I’ve tried, when I initially thought it was going to be the opposite (idk why it always just seemed the hardest?). The process takes about 2.5h which is the same as if you were to go to a salon, but at home you can take pee and snack breaks and also breaks for puppy/kitty cuddles in between ;).

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I first start by buffing off the old shelac colour and grinding it down to a smooth base before I apply the layer of gel. I then take a square flat nail brush, dip it into the gel and apply it on like I would any nail colour. I start from the base where the cuticles are and put a thicker layer where it needs to be refilled, then drag the gel up the rest of the nail. It’s a really thick gel and it’s super easy to work with, and if you make a mistake you can wipe it up and fix it before it hardens when you put it in the UV lamp.

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Once the gel is done and hardened (I like to put it in the lamp for 2-3 round just to be extra safe) I switch up the head on my electric nail file so it’s not so harsh and we don’t buff off all the hard work we just did. I buff it down so it’s super smooth, file it to the shape I want it and now we’re ready to paint.

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This part is super easy, you take the UV gel base, put it in the machine, put on whatever shelac colour you want, put it in the machine, and then finally put on your top coat and, yup you guessed it, put it in the machine LOL.

And that’s pretty much it! They turned out super nice and they lasted for a good three weeks before they grew out and I had to do my next refill.

This is by far my new favourite method of nails and I will never be spending money in a nail salon ever again! You can get these supplies at any nail supply store, and I think my total ended up being around $250 for the entire kit (which comes with 6 polishes).

Here is a picture of the final product for the past two attempts.

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed!



My Three Fall Must-Haves – By Marisa Chiorello

Hey beautiful souls!

Fall is officially here! For me, that’s a reason to celebrate. Fall is one of my favourite seasons because the weather is beautiful and I can really express myself through fashion. To be honest, I love fall fashion more than any other season. I feel that the outfits I put together are so cute and versatile. So, I decided to put together some of my fall must-haves!

Fall Shoes

high heel booties

I love wearing Suede high heel booties during fall. I have a black pair, a brown pair, a maroon pair, and pattern pairs.  I love patterned pairs because they really make my outfits pop. Booties are really versatile; you can wear them with almost anything! I wear my high heel booties with tights and dresses, leggings, skirts, and skinny jeans. When you wear heel booties with jeans, it is essential that the jeans are tight around the ankle. That way, the fabric will be able to tuck directly into the boot. All in all, shoes can make or break an outfit, and high heel booties are definitely the fall shoes you should have in your closet!




Many of my elegant blouses for fall are from Lauren Conrad’s clothing line, LC Lauren Conrad.  Yes, there are times when I’ll purchase items of clothing that are quite expensive, but recently I’ve found some beautiful pieces that are super affordable. Feminine blouses are perfect for fall because they can go with anything (jeans, dress pants, leggings, tights and skirts). They’re also perfect because they dress up your outfit, and they can make you look more modern and elegant. I also love how you can add layers to an elegant blouse with a blazer or jacket. My elegant blouses for fall consist of fall colours, patterns, and bows.



matching set

My last must-have for this fall season is matching sets! Matching sets are known as the chic on-the-go outfit, so they make getting dressed easy, especially if you really don’t know what to wear. I love matching sets with patterns like pinstripes.  I also love fall colours such as maroon, mustard yellow, and hues of browns. Crop top matching sets are the cutest! If you get chilly you can always pair it with a jacket. Many of my matching sets are either pant sets or skirts sets!

I hope you like my three fall must-haves! Let me know which ones you add to your wardrobe!

Until next time,


Oops I bought 3 Kate Spade Purses in One Day

Happy Birthday to me I guess! Kate Spade had a major labour day sale and I went a tad crazy (that’s an understatement seeing as I spent like $700.00 CAD), but how could I not it was A SALE people!

After I dyed my hair purple (see post here I was on a purple kick and wanted to get a purse to match. I ended up with this little guy right here.

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This is called the “Margaux Mini Satchel” and although this particular colour may not be currently available, they have this style in fall colours right now.

Link to this product:

Next I picked up some blue purses because I’ve never had that colour for a purse before and I was feeling adventurous.

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This is a gorgeous pistachio blue colour and it is called the “Polly Medium Convertible Shoulder Bag”. They don’t have this colour anymore since it has very strong spring/summer vibes, but they have it in a gorgeous burgundy colour for the fall.


And finally because I clearly don’t know my limits, I bought one more for shits and gigs.

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This is a very simply crossbody shoulder bag in a periwinkle blue shade. This is called the “Polly Medium Crossbody” however I just checked the website and I think it’s all sold out and no longer available. It’s a really simple style though so you can pick up something very similar! It’s really thin almost just like an envelope and there are a ton of styles like it on their website.

Now that I have all the colours of the rainbow, I think I’m done purse shopping for a while!

What is your favourite brand to buy purses from?