My Shoot with @que.osha

Another day, another photoshoot! I just have so much fun doing these because A) it’s a way of getting more content for my socials/blogs, and B) it’s also just fun to keep these memories and document my life in this way. It will be so much fun showing my sister’s grandkids these one day (I say my sister because I am NEVER having children of my own LOL). This next one was set in Queen’s Park and I wanted to to have fun fall vibes. Here are 8 of my favourite photos from the shoot.

Sarah (7 of 8)Sarah (5 of 8)Sarah (8 of 8)Sarah (2 of 8)Sarah (6 of 8)Sarah (4 of 8)Sarah (3 of 8)Sarah (1 of 8)

I hope you liked ❤



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