I Dyed My Hair Whiter Than The Walls

In honour of Game of Thrones ending, I decided to go all Targaryen on your asses with my new hair 😉 Jk jk. But in all honestly, I decided to dye it because I was just so sick of my grey hairs.

I’ve been getting grey hairs since I was legitimately 14 years old, maybe even earlier. And recently something in me just cracked and I couldn’t take it any longer. So instead of dying it black and trying to cover up the greys, I decided just to dye my whole head grey! (Totally sane choice right :P)

I was inspired by my co-worker Rebecca (shoutout to my homegirl) who went to this salon called “Beauty on The Grind” (@beautonthegrind – follow them on insta). She came to work one day with the most gorgeous silver hair and I was like OMG I NEED THAT RIGHT NOW. So naturally I booked my appointment that same day and before you know it my hair was done 3 weeks later.

I’ll insert a few pics here:

Now, I wanna talk a little bit about the process –  It took a whopping 11 hours in the salon to achieve this look. The first thing they do is bleach the shit out of it, so that takes a few hours to begin with. And then the reason why it takes so long is because she tones it with the colour TWICE, and each time you’re sitting there for a few hours with colour in your hair because she doesn’t use any heat to speed up the process since this damages your hair. I was in there from 12pm to 11pm at night, but lemme tell ya, it was all worth it in the end.

Photo 2019-06-06, 3 21 18 PM

This salon charges $325 as a base rate for 5 bowls of colour, and then they charge $35 dollars per additional bowl, and since my hair is really long I needed about 8 which is why it got rather expensive. I also had to pay for all the new hair care products for blondes and coloured hair, which added an additional couple hundred to the bill.

I was sent home with a couple of products that I want to share with y’all. This salon swears by the brand ‘Fanola’, so I was sent back with their purple shampoo, purple mask, and restructuring shampoo as a once in a while intensive treatment. I’ve used the purple shampoo and mask and it has really lightened my hair already! As many of you know the purple tones are supposed to get rid of any yellow or brassy-ness in the hair. I was also sent home with the Revlon Coconut leave in treatment and I LOVE this stuff. Bleaching your hair makes it feel like legitimate hay and this stuff helps keep some smoothness to it. And finally, I got sent home with the ‘Schwarzkopf Keratin Restore Bonding Mask’ for blondes. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it will make it pretty smooth while keeping the blonde tones.


And that’s all I have for now! I plan on booking my follow up appointments for every 6 months or so just to tone it and eventually go more blonde. Right now it is definitely more grey than blonde, and eventually I would like to go lighter! But all in due time.

Thanks for reading!

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Sarah Hirji

I'm just a 24 year old girl with a passion for beauty, fashion, and all things girly! Content posted as much as I can!

4 thoughts on “I Dyed My Hair Whiter Than The Walls”

  1. ahh, you too? I have been hating it ever since. someone from middle school plucked my white hair and called me a cat. I just laughed it off.
    It used to be just one random white hair, now it’s seriously all over that people think it’s fake.
    It’s kind of annoying because I would get made fun of as a kid and even now from siblings and random people at times, but now it’s like Tr3ndYyy and people think im trying hard to fit in??
    It’s like, no! Stop! Mind your damn business lol.
    I really freaking love your hair and always liked how people would dye it think white/silverish color. It reminds me of cool anime characters I love lol
    Thanks for sharing it looks amazing ❤


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