Meet Laila Kharouba – Our Newest Blogger

Well hello there, lovelies!

I am so excited to be joining Sarah and the rest of the talented contributors here at Live Life in The Floral Lane. I love this blog—it features a truly delicious and astutely curated mixture of positivity and all things beauty and lifestyle. And I must mention that I appreciate how incredibly aesthetically pleasing it is. I have come to accept that surrounding myself with pinks, purples, and flowers, does in fact make me a happier and more inspired person. Anyone else feel this?

I am a 24-year-old actress, singer, and writer raised and residing in Toronto. I graduated from Queen’s University with a BAH in Drama and Film in 2017, and since then have spent my days writing, singing, and auditioning for film and TV jobs. Oh, and serving and bartending. I guess I should include that. I adore everything travel, nature, beauty, health, and food/drink related.

In the two years since I finished school, I’ve loved being able to finally commit myself 100% to pursuing my dreams. That being said, with acting, I am constantly encountering ‘rejection’ (well, I like to believe it’s not a ‘no’, rather a ‘not yet’) on a weekly basis. I’ve had to be resourceful in finding ways to organize and enhance my life while taking control of my happiness, and staying inspired and ambitious. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m slowly figuring it out. Hopefully I’ll be sharing some of these experiences with you, along with creative writing, and beauty/lifestyle related pieces.

My Instagram is @lailakharouba, where you can find lots of singing videos (and ok fine–a few selfies).

 Have the most wonderful day!



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Sarah Hirji

I'm just a 24 year old girl with a passion for beauty, fashion, and all things girly! Content posted as much as I can!

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