My New Years Resolutions – Sarah

It is day 6 of January, the year is still full of hope, unlike February when like 85% of people have already given up on their resolutions…some win, some fail, fuck it. But right now we’re all still full of hope, and so I thought maybe writing them down somewhere would help me avoid being part of that 85% (btw those stats are not real I just totally pulled them out of my ass, but you get the point).

  1. Blog more and get better at. I understand the blogging game is super competitive and that at the moment mine is pretty darn amateur. I know there’s no real chance of me ever making it that big, but for me that wasn’t really the point. It was meant to be a hobby, something fun and creative to do when I was bored. But nevertheless, I still want to become better at it. I recently bought a better quality camera and I’m looking into how to take better blog photos with props and all that junk. Overall I just want to try to find my personal aesthetic for this blog, which I don’t think I’ve really figured out quite yet.
  2. Get in better health. This is more of my parents resolutions than my own, but I just low-key want them off my back every single damn day of my life. So the key to getting them off my back is to eat better, more vegetables and what not, and not smoke so much (yea never gonna happen). But what I actually will try to do is exercise more, and by exercise I mean hot yoga a few times a week LOL. But yoga is actually something I want to try to keep up with, it helps with mental health and anxiety issues which I think will be beneficial for me.
  3. Keep up with my skincare routine. I always buy all these skincare items but then I end up getting too sleepy and passing out before I get a chance to do it. This year I will try to at least use my Retin A on a daily basis even if I’m too tired to do the rest of it.
  4. Save money. I have been so reckless with spending money over the last few months and it’s really come to bite me in the ass. Living with my parents at 22 when you have a long distance boyfriend is just not working for me anymore. The end goal is to save enough money to move out before the end of this year. Right now I’m going into extreme sicko saving mode.

And that’s just about as much as I can handle right now, too many resolutions and you’re bound to fail at least a few of them.

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Sarah Hirji

I'm just a 24 year old girl with a passion for beauty, fashion, and all things girly! Content posted as much as I can!

4 thoughts on “My New Years Resolutions – Sarah”

  1. Love your resolutions! I have 8 this year haha :D. I made a real follow up plan to keep up with it. I’ll post on it following week. I don’t think it’s a fail if you fall off the wagon for some time, as long as you continue picking it back up and not give up on the long run, i think you’ll succeed… xoxo Sarah


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